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Why the Lejeune Foundation?

Team Xtreme is supporting the Lejeune Foundation because we believe in its mission to provide research, care, and advocacy to benefit those with genetic intelligence disease.


Life sometimes offers up opportunities in unusual situations. When my brother and I decided to participate in RAAM, a 9 day Bike race across America, we wanted to test ourselves in this ambitious challenge. I was surprised by how quickly people embraced the concept (beyond some good-natured comments about us being crazy) and wanted to get involved in some capacity. We sensed an opportunity to accomplish something much more important.

Brigid, my six year old cousin, has Down Syndrome. Her ability to enrich and bring joy to the lives of others has been remarkable. Despite the challenges that she faces, Brigid is fortunate enough to be surrounded by a loving family and strong support network.

This race provides us with a powerful tool to help promote a cause that is very close to us. The Lejeunefoundation, with its focus on research, care and advocacy has been instrumental in helping children like Brigid live productive and joy-filled lives. We are humbled by the opportunity to partner with them and inspire others to help make a difference in the lives of children with Down Syndrome.


The day I found out my godmother and aunt was expecting her second child, I was ecstatic. When I later found out that the baby had Down’s, I was moved by the way she and her husband dedicated themselves to providing her with an environment and treatment that would enable her to thrive. And boy does Bridgid rock this world!

Not knowing all that much about Down’s, I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered how well Bridgid would integrate into our family and her community. Now, I can’t imagine how family gatherings would be without her. She absolutely lights up the room with her joy and life and love.

As we began to prepare for RAAM, we realized what a powerful vehicle it could be for raising funds and awareness for causes racers hold dear to their hearts. As our team pondered whether to go down this path, the decision came easily. The Lejeune foundation, with its emphasis on working for more effective treatments of Down’s, was a natural fit for our team. We hope our team can shine a brighter light on Down’s syndrome and inspire many to contribute to finding more effective treatments.

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  1. June 14, 2012 21:53

    My son Isaiah has down syndrome and also my grandson Noah. You are doing a great work for this foundation. I pray that you will be blessed with good weather and God’s blessings by your side.

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